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In the ever-evolving world of gold trading, it is imperative to embrace integrated technology solutions that improve every aspect of your operations. Gold Core ERP specializes in providing comprehensive ERP systems tailored to the unique needs of gold organizations. By leveraging our specialized systems, you can achieve a holistic approach to the growth and development of your organization.


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Gold Operations Management System Components:

Our integrated software solutions consist of various sub-systems that effectively manage the various aspects of gold enterprises, whether they are involved in retail sales, wholesale, production or a combination thereof. The main components of our system include:

General Ledger: Perform accounting entries for gold and cash weights, track financial transactions, and generate financial statements.

Inventory Management: Manage gold items by weight, cost and movement details, ensuring accurate stock control.

Purchase: Documenting gold purchases, whether new or scrap (wholesale and retail), and directly affecting your gold treasury.

Sales: Record sales of new gold and scrap gold (wholesale and retail) based on standard gram prices and manufacturing costs.

Assets: Track asset details, movements, depreciation and value verification using gold as the base currency.


Human Resources: Managing the administrative and financial functions related to the employees of the golden establishment.

Production costs: Streamline production and manufacturing phases, calculate direct and indirect costs, and integrate with other subsystems for a comprehensive gold core solution.

Key Features:
Here are some of the noteworthy features offered by our Gold Core ERP system:

Accurate Weight and Quantity Handling: Accurately manage the weight and quantity of gold items in all program operations.

Automatic gram price generation: Generate gram prices flexibly based on international ounce prices and adjust them as needed.

Management of the gold percentage (based karat): linking the gold items with their weights based on each karat to accommodate the various types of gold.

Classify Gold Items:

Organize your gold items into multiple storage groups based on factors such as karat, country of origin, manufacturer, or other classification.

Item Visualization: View images associated with gold items within the relevant processes.

Handling of Gold Pools: Efficiently manage gold pools, allowing them to be sold as whole pools or as individual components.


Linking weight and value: linking the weights and values of gold to certain types of items during buying and selling transactions.

Gold Bag Management: Allocate gold bags to item types and weights for buying and selling operations.

Weight Upgrade Discounts: Offer customers discounts when they upgrade their gold weight to a higher karat, along with additional cash discounts on their cash payments.

Non-Gold Support: Dealing with non-Gold items such as materials, supplies (such as stones, chests, and wax), and tools for gold operations.

Manufacturing costs: Calculate manufacturing costs per gram or per piece, allowing for different pricing based on customer segments.

Gold Percentage Adjustments: Process gold percentage adjustments, track resulting discrepancies, and reconcile related accounts.

Barcode Generation: Generate barcode numbers for gold items containing weight information and automatically assign sequential item numbers for efficient tracking.

Main functions:
Gold Core ERP provides the following core functionality:

Documentation and Validation: Document and validate gold sales, returns and associated purchases and payments, whether in cash, by weight or both.

Receipts, Payments, and Reconciliation: Process and verify gold and cash receipts, payments, settlements, transfers, and inventory movements.

Refining and metal alloys: Performing gold smelting and refining operations and alloys, taking into account the values resulting from weights and carats.

Conversion and transmutation: converting between scrap and new gold or converting items of production into sale

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